Barista Essentials Full Day

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Barista Essentials Full Day
(includes lunch break)

Building on the foundations of our Barista Essentials course, this extended session is designed for those keen on entering the barista profession or anyone wishing to elevate their coffee skills. It incorporates everything in the Barista Essentials class and includes more hands-on time to perfect your skills. Your trainer will guide you through the essential knowledge for working as a barista and how to integrate it into your workflow. In addition to making all the drinks from an Australian café espresso menu, you'll have the opportunity to prepare a variety of beverages, as you would in a café setting, using different milk types and a combination of in-house and takeaway cups. You will leave with a signed certificate, ready to extend your experience as a trained barista.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to the coffee plant
  • An introduction to the chemistry of coffee roasting
  • How to grind, dose and tamp coffee to make espresso coffee
  • How to use a number of techniques to determine if your espresso is under-extracted, over-extracted or a correct extraction
  • An introduction to the variables that can affect espresso extraction such as grind and dose
  • How to texture milk and achieve perfect microfoam
  • How to pour textured milk into espresso
  • How to builds drinks in the coffee menu
  • Hands on practice making coffee orders as you would in a café, including different milks, in-house and take away cups.

 Duration: 7 Hours

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