Class Information

Who are these classes for?
Our classes are suited to coffee enthusiasts, new baristas, café owners, and professional baristas would like to refine their skills whilst being guided by industry professionals.

How do I pay for the barista class?
All classes must be booked and paid for online before you attend the class.

Do you have gift certificates?
Gift Certificates are coming soon! If you need something before then, please contact us.

Are there any pre-requisites for the classes?
- It is recommended that most students start with the Barista Basics class.
- If you have experience in making coffee and you want to focus on grinder training, book into the Barista Advanced class.
- If you are a barista who has been working in the industry for more than three years and you want to focus more on the theory and science of great espresso, come along to one of the Professional barista workshops.
- Anyone can attend a Latte Art Basics class, as long as you know how to operate an espresso machine and grinder. It is, however, recommended that you have already mastered the art of achieving microfoam to get the most out of the class.

    If you’d like to have a chat with us regarding which class would be right for you, please contact us.

    I’m opening a café and don’t know much about coffee. Which course should I do?
    We recommend you attend both the Café Management workshop and the Barista Basics class. The Café Management workshop will give you an excellent starting point on how to work on your business, and the Barista Basics class will teach you how to work in your business.

    I have an espresso machine at home and don’t want to work in the industry. Can I still do one of your classes?
    Definitely! We encourage you to bring your machine and grinder into the class so we can teach you how to get the most out of it. There are requirements for the types of machine and grinder, so please contact us first before you book your class.

    I don’t have an espresso machine at home, but love coffee! Can you teach me how to make awesome coffee at home without an espresso machine?
    Brewing Coffee is the class for you! In this class we take one type of coffee and use it to make coffee over a variety of methods, allowing you to taste and find the one you like best.


    Attending a Class

    What are your cancellation and refund policies?
    If you cancel your booking within 24 hrs of the class or do not attend the course, you will forfeit your payment.

    We do have a minimum required for a class to run. If we don’t meet the required numbers and have to cancel a class, we will give you at least 24 hours notice and rebook you at a later date/time that is convenient for you.

    If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that rebooking a class is subject to availability.

    Can I change the date of my class?
    Sure thing, as long as you give more than 24 hours notice of the required change, and there are available spots on the chosen date. To change a booking, please contact us.

    Where do I go to attend the barista course?
    We are located at the Rubra Coffee warehouse – 11 Jones St, O’Connor.

    Is there parking available?
    Yes, there is verge parking available across the road on weekdays, and the warehouse car park is open to use on the weekends.

    Do I receive a certificate?
    You will receive a Certification of Completion for each class you attend.

    What do I bring to the barista class?
    It is recommended that you bring a notebook and pen if you wish to take notes. To satisfy Occupation Health & Safety requirements, you must wear closed in shoes. If you are attending a full day class, you will need to bring your lunch, as there are no food locations open nearby on the weekend. You are welcome to bring a snack for the shorter classes.

    What resources will be provided during the classes?
    The training uses a combination of hands-on and theory-based learning. You will receive some handouts, and we do use PowerPoints presentations throughout the classes. It is recommended that you bring a notebook and pen if you wish to take notes.


    Qualifications & Group Bookings 

    Are you a Registered Training Organisation?
    The only certified training available for coffee is the unit “Prepare and Serve Espresso (SITHFAB005)”. The training we provide far exceeds the standard and content available in this unit. For this reason, we do not offer accredited training. You will, however, receive a Certificate of Completion for each class to present to future employers. 

    Why do you run these classes & how are you qualified to do so?
    Our parent company, Rubra Coffee, has been roasting coffee for 15 years. As a trusted Perth brand, the company has grown over the years to include two busy drive-throughs and a café in the city. We have the unique advantage of truly understanding the ins and outs of not just making great coffee, but also how to successfully set up and operate a thriving coffee/cafe business.

    Our trainers bring decades of hospitality experience and a passion for the science and craft of making coffee, as proven by the countless number of baristas we have trained within our own business, but also for the cafes we supply wholesale.

    Our head trainer has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and has designed all of the classes with the VARK learning modalities in mind. We cover all four learning styles in our classes - visual, auditory, reading/writing preference and kinaesthetic, to ensure that every student gets the very best opportunity to get the most from the training. 

    Do you cater for corporate team building or group bookings?
    We certainly do! Please contact us to discuss the options available.

    Do you cater to high school students?
    Our Full Day Barista Course is a great starting point for any students who are wanting to add to their skill set. If you have a group of students from the same school wishing to attend, we can schedule a class at a date/time that suits you. Please contact us for more information. 

    Is there an age limit for your Barista Courses?
    The age limit is 14 or above unless accompanied by an adult. The accompanying adult will also need to pay full price for attending the course. 

    Will the Full Day Barista Course help me find a job straight away?
    This class is a great starting point for learning the foundations of making great coffee, as well as a lot of practice time on the machines. For some smaller cafes with lower volumes, this may be enough experience to start as a barista straight away. In larger establishments with higher volumes, you may need to start in a till/floor position and work your way up to a barista role. 

    What coffee beans do you use?
    Our parent company is Rubra Coffee is an artisan coffee roaster with 15 years experience. We use Rubra Café Reserve blends in all of our classes.


    Gift Vouchers

    How do I redeem a gift voucher?
    Gift vouchers can be redeemed online through the WA Barista Training Lab's website. When redeeming the voucher, enter your unique code into the discount section at checkout after selecting and adding a class to your cart.

    How do I purchase a gift voucher?
    1. Visit https://wabaristatraininglab.com.au/products/gift-voucher
    2. Enter "To" and "From" names into the Participant Names and select amount from the dropdown. Voucher amounts match the cost of classes. If you choose to redeem a voucher on a class of a lesser value, we are able to create another voucher to the amount remaining. Please contact mail@wabaristatraininglab.com.au or send us a message here
    3. Continue through the checkout process
    4. We will email you the Gift Voucher within 1-2 business days. If the voucher is urgent, please contact us. 

    What do I do if the voucher still has a dollar amount left to use?
    Please contact us so we can issue you another voucher with a different unique code. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, we currently do not have the capability to control running totals with our vouchers.