Professional Barista Coffee Experience

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Cafe Barista Coffee Experience 

Join us for an exclusive coffee experience behind the scenes in our Roastery. In this basic class, led by our head roaster, Andres you will be guided on an interactive journey on every aspect of the coffee-making process from start to finish, explaining the 'why' and 'how' behind each step as we walk you through the roastery. You will have hands-on experience with various machines and brew tools to hone your skills and get the chance to make various drinks, including our new tea experience. 

Duration: 3 Hours

What you will learn

    • An in-depth look at the roasting process, roasting profiles and the chemical reactions that occur during the roasting process
    • We explore the chemistry of roasted coffee and how we can use this knowledge to optimise our espresso extraction and fine-tune our grinders to get a better-tasting espresso.
    • We expand on the variables that affect espresso extraction by revising dose and grind, and then we explore further variables such as roast freshness, water temperature, water filtration and how different types of espresso machines will affect your espresso.
    • An up-close look at coffee beans and grind and why your coffee grinder is so important
    • A detailed explanation of the different types of Espresso Machines and Grinders on the market and how to get the most out of them.
    • How to look after your espresso machine and grinder and troubleshoot problems as they occur before they become big problems
    • We look at how milk is processed and what at substances are added to milk, such as extra protein, extra fat, and permeate, and discuss how this affects your milk texturing.
    • Why you need a good dairy alternative that compliments your coffee and how to texture them

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