Professional Barista Latte Art

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Professional Barista Latte Art & Milk Chemistry Advanced 

Pouring latte art requires a blend of precise technique and artistry. To set you up for success, we provide a customised class for those working in busy cafes on a daily basis, who want to take their technique to a new level. This longer three-hour class,  delves into the science of dairy and plant-based milk processing, along with various aspects of milk chemistry, that significantly influence the final art in your cup.

We perfect the finer advanced techniques essential for pouring beautiful and clean latte art before you start any latte art pours, laying a solid foundation for each design. By the end of the session, you’ll be proficient in creating the three primary latte art styles: hearts, rosettas and tulips as well as more advanced latte art to wow your cafe customers.

Duration: 3 Hours

What you will learn

  • The process dairy milk goes through from raw milk to the shelf, including pasteurisation, homogenisation and standardisation, and how these processes can affect latte art
  • The difference between dairy and plant-based milks
  • How to texture milk to achieve perfect microfoam suitable for pouring latte art
  • How to master the techniques that will allow you to pour great latte art every time, including jug angle, jug height, how to hold the jug, how to hold the cup and different styles of milk frothing jugs
  • How to pour perfect latte art with every pour, including hearts, rosettas and tulips.

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