Advanced Professional Barista Coffee Experience

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Cafe Barista Advanced Rubra Experience

Join us for an exclusive coffee experience behind the scenes in our Roastery. In this basic class, led by our head roaster, Andres you will be guided on an interactive journey on every aspect of the coffee-making process from start to finish, explaining the 'why' and 'how' behind each step as we walk you through the roastery. You will have hands-on experience with various machines and brew tools to hone your skills and get the chance to make various drinks, including our new tea experience. 

The advanced class goes one step closer to learning about the significance of coffee freshness, the intricacies of espresso recipes, and the importance of equipment calibration. We'll also delve into the chemical composition of milk and its alternatives as well as a customised cupping and advanced latte art experience with Andres.

Duration: 3 Hours 

What you will experience

  • The journey of green coffee, from origin to harvesting and processing, and how it affects the flavour in your cup
  • The unique flavour profiles of single origins and how to create a balanced blend – includes cupping/tasting of 4 single origins
  • A close up look at green coffee and roasted coffee, focusing on the chemistry of the roasting process and the optimal extraction of solubles to ensure a balanced espresso, hands on in the roastery
  • The impact of freshness on roasted coffee and how the ageing process affects flavour and extraction
  • Understanding espresso recipes and the balance of dose, yield and time to achieve the desired flavour profile every time
  • Review of the fundamentals of espresso extraction, including the variables of grind and dose
  • Grinder calibration and to make adjustments to ensure a correct extraction
  • Advanced diagnosis of espresso extraction, considering factors such as brew temperature, pre-infusion and different types of espresso machines such as heat exchange and dual/multi boilers and how to get the best out of them
  • How to look after your espresso machine and coffee grinder and troubleshoot problems that may occur
  • Examine the chemistry of milk and the difference between dairy and plant-based milk.
  • Advanced Latte art techniques
  • Differing brew tool methods, including a behind-the-scenes look at setting up and tasting cold brew.
  • Bespoke tea-tasting experience

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