Cafe Management - Rubra Discount

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Aimed at cafe owners who want to increase efficiency and maximise returns, and baristas who want to gain the skills needed to help further their career in the hospitality industry

4 hours

  • Different leadership styles and which is best suited to you
  • How to effectively manage your team
  • How to address conflict resolution
  • How to best manage your time
  • How to implement procedures to increase efficiency within the business
  • The importance of writing an efficient roster and staff workflow
  • The importance of ordering and stock control
  • Effective equipment maintenance
  • Tracking wages and expenses

Includes templates for rosters, weekly procedure sheets, that you can adapt and use within your own business. 

--> taught by our head Cafe Manager, deals with three busy outlets, each with different requirements and staff... Knowledge and templates that have been proven to work in different scenarios.